On the weekend by Indya

At the weekend I went shopping with my mam. When I was in the shop I seen some lovely cakes they looked amazing but I wanted to make my own. So after that I went down the baking aisle. I asked my mam if I could make some cakes and she said yes if I don’t make a mess. I said to my mam thank you so I bought a big fudge cake mix. Once I had finished making it and I got it out of the oven it looked amazing! I gave some away to my nana and my granddad and my baby cousin and they loved it. The only thing was when I got home it was all gone because my brother had some and my mam and dad had some to. I said to them it is fine I am glad you enjoyed it.

That was my lovely weekend baking!


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First Time on School Dinners: By Amy

Today, the 27th of November, I had my first school dinner in two years! It was absolutely delicious and all of this was done by Lynn. Lynn is a very talented cook and it would be lovely to see everyone on dinners go past the hatch and say a big thank you to her as she puts a lot of work and effort to make sure everyone gets a lovely dinner that they enjoy so much! Wouldn’t it be great if everyone brought in their dinner money in on time too? Lynn deserves to get so much more than a thank you, but all of us saying that will brighten her day to the best day!


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My weekend

On Saturday I went to Middlesbrough with my nana, granddad and my mam. We went Christmas shopping it was really busy in all the shops we went in but I really enjoyed it. After we went for some food it was really nice.  On Sunday I went to go and get my Christmas tree – it was 7 feet it was really BIG. when I put my tree up I had a lovely dinner. I had a lovely time on the weekend with my family.

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Going to see Little Mix by Keira

On Monday the 13th of November I went to see little mix as a early Christmas  present it was absolutely amazing I loved it they sang a lots of different songs like shout out to my EX, touch ,Oops, You Gotta Not, power ,no more sad songs and so much more they were brilliant . I even got a Little Mix top, lanyard ,we got a range of different sweets, fizzy drinks and we also had hot dogs they where delicious it was so much better than I imagined. I’m so happy that my mum took me to see Little Mix .    

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Prayer By Beth and Harvey

Dear God

Thank you for family and friends

Thank you for the food we eat

Thank you for our home we live in

Thank you for school and what we learn

Please help us to get through SATS

Please help us to protect our environment

Please help the people that are less fortunate than our selves

Please help animal that are getting killed

Sorry for all the bad things we have done

Sorry that we do all these bad things

Sorry that we say bad things

Sorry for when we use your name in a bad way

Sorry God. will you forgive us






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Our Prayer By Chloe

Dear God

Thank you for the lovely homes we go to everyday

Thank you for the warm delicious food we eat every meal time

Thank you for the hard working teachers we have

Thank you for the caring family that love us no matter what

Sorry for the sins we make everyday

Sorry when we disobey you

Sorry for not taking part in lessons

Sorry for wasting food in our everyday lives

Please give those who don’t have anything something

Please help us have enough courage for our SATs  so we all succeed

Please help us behave inside and outside of school

Please help us throughout our lives to follow you


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Our prayer by Evie and Tyler.

Dear Lord

We thank you for our family so we can always have someone to talk to when we are sad or lonely. We are thankful for the area and community that we live in because there is no war and conflict .Although there is no war in our country help us to think about those involved in current wars . Help us to let a little light and love in to those heart who feel dishearten and helpless .

Lord forgive our sins when we have got angry or cross. Let us realise it is not ok  to hurt or emotionally hurt someone. Thanks for our comfy beds and a warm house to go home to. Let all the homeless people have a home for Christmas and enough  to last them so they can live a longer life.

Help us to have courage for our SATS .




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Our Prayer by Izzy and Ben

Dear God

We thank you for our yummy food and our refreshing drinks. Thank you for our comfy bed that we close our  eyes  in. We also thank you for all the animals (especially  penguins and racoons) that live in our world but please save them so the animals don’t become extinct.

Thank you for money so we can buy things such as toys, food and drinks. Thank you for the army that save the world and fight for us. Thank you for our houses that keep us warm. Please save the poor that don’t live for very long.  

We are sorry that there are lots of people in hospitals are very poorly and we hope the doctor and nurses will save them from very bad  illnesses.



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Prayer By Eve and Harry

Dear God

Thank you for our family that are always there for us through hard times in our life.  Thank you for our family that help us and look after us.  Thank you for keeping us safe.  Please forgive us for all the bad things we have done.  Thank you for looking after us and caring for us when we are ill.

Thank you for our because they are always there for when we fell upset and unwell.  Thank you for helping us and caring for us.  Thank you for helping us when we are stuck.  Thank you for helping us sorting out our problems.  Sorry for being mean to our loyal friends.  ( some just friends ).  Also sorry that we are some times mean to them and don’t let them join in with our games but we will remember to always let anyone play who wants to.

Thank You for the wonderful world and every thing in it.  Thank you for all the food and water you give us but please help those in other country’s who are less fortunate then our selves.  Please help us thing about other people that die from illnesses like polio, TB and other illnesses like that.  Please help us give things to charity’s to help people.  Thank you for our houses and our comfy beds that sleep on at night.  Please help us donate money.   Please help this world be a better place to live in.  Please stop the fitting around the world.

Thank you for our teachers that there for us through the day.  Thank you for our teachers that teach us things that we never new.  Also that help us when we are stuck and don’t understand it.  Thank you for our amazing education that our teachers give us.  Thank you.




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Our prayer by Joel and Hannah

Thank you Lord for our beds that we sleep in. Thank you for the community that we live in. Please help the people that are living in threatened areas.

Please help the people that don’t have food and drink and homes to live in. Thank you for the trees that help us to breathe , please listen to our prayers and stop   all the natural disasters and all the wars that are happening. Thank you for sending your son to  sacrifice his life for us.  Please help all the refugees that are leaving home to get a better life. Please make people stop polluting the ocean and start to protecting your world.


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